Teachers Supporting Teachers

I had the great pleasure of working with one of my good friends in helping to create the branding for his recently created nonprofit, Teachers Supporting Teachers. Based out of Chicago, TST strives to keep Chicago’s teachers in the classroom by providing them the support they need to succeed. Through video auditing and group lesson planning, TST gives teachers in low-income school districts resources to achieve and stay motivated.

I wanted to highlight the collaborative nature of TST, and thus created a mark around a "Hands In" motif, keeping it playful to help capture their uplifting spirit.

To find out more about TST, check out their website here.


Teachers Supporting Teachers

TST is a non-profit organization in Chicago, IL that aims to aid and connect educators in lower income school districts that individually don't have the resources to be successful in the classroom year in and year out. Through a collection mentorship and group sharing programs, TST empower teachers with the tools and motivation to persevere in grueling school situations. I aimed to create a mark that could be worn as a badge of pride. The "Hands-In Atom" represents the positivity and team work needed to succeed in one of America's most undervalued professions. 

Freelance Project,  Summer 2015

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